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It’s almost too easy to eat local in Asheville.

on May 21, 2012

I always love visiting Asheville. The restaurants in Asheville are dedicated to using local foods. Although I successfully finished my 43 day local food challenge, I stuck to the rules of my challenge for the most part when I was visiting Asheville. It was almost too easy to eat local foods!

I wanted to mention an amazing restaurant I visited while in the city last week, the Tomato Jam Cafe. I had to call the Tomato Jam Cafe for directions because I missed my turn into the restaurant, which is noted by a tiny blue sign pointing to an office park. The restaurant sits on the corner of a medical office park and is open for breakfast and lunch.

Bekah and I walked up to the cash register to order. I ordered the Tori Melt, walnut chicken salad with cranberry mustard and goat cheese. The bread was from a local baker, Annie’s Naturally Bakery in Western North Carolina. I couldn’t decide which side to order, so I told the employee to surprise me. She picked the homemade applesauce.


The sandwich was perfectly toasted. The walnut chicken salad with cranberry mustard was definitely unique. Most chicken salads are too heavy on the mayo for my liking, but Tomato Jam Cafe got it right. The goat cheese made the sandwich savory along with the sweet and tangy flavors from the cranberry mustard. I’m so happy that the employee picked the homemade applesauce for my side dish. The applesauce is out of this world. Imagine eating chilled, baked apples. Incredible! The applesauce wasn’t mushy, it was chunky and was sweetened nicely with a touch of cinnamon.

After cleaning my plate (it was easy), a cupcake was delivered to our table. The cupcakes are baked fresh at the restaurant. We received a double chocolate cupcake topped with cinnamon chips and toasted coconut. The cake was light and the cinnamon chips added the most amazing taste to the dessert. You haven’t lived until you try cinnamon chips. Forget chocolate chips!


I had a great experience at the Tomato Jam Cafe. The employees make you feel like you’re at home eating in their kitchen. Maybe it was the alphabet magnets and artwork hanging up from loyal customers? You feel cozy while drinking out of a mason jar and enjoying some fresh, home cooking. I highly recommend paying Tomato Jam Cafe a visit. There is something for everyone at the restaurant.


One response to “It’s almost too easy to eat local in Asheville.

  1. kleeyaro says:

    There are so many wonderful restaurants in Asheville. I haven’t heard of the Tomato Jam Cafe. I’ll have to put it on my list for my next trip.

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