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43 Day Local Food Challenge

This morning I went for a run on Centennial Parkway and ended at the North Carolina State Farmers Market. I sampled a strawberry from the nice lady at the Wise Farms stand and bought a few apples from the mountains of North Carolina. As I began the trek back to my car, I started thinking. I have been working with numerous local foods enthusiasts and leaders to develop policy recommendations in regards to local foods and sustainability. I starting wondering: how many of these people actually eat local foods every meal of the day? So, I decided to put myself up for a challenge.

The Challenge

Starting on April 2, 2012 I will be eating local foods for 43 days. Why 43 days? The number each letter in the word “local” appears in the alphabet is how I determined the length of my challenge. L+O+C+A+L; 12+15+3+1+12 = 43 days.

Defining Local Foods

My definition of local foods is anything from North Carolina. I will be eating foods only grown in North Carolina. Don’t worry, I’ll be drinking beer brewed in North Carolina as well.

Sorry Friends and Family

During my 43 day challenge, Easter and graduation from my Master’s program will occur. I also have a few lunch and dinner dates planned with friends. I want to apologize in advance to my friends and family; I’m sticking to the challenge. If you want to grab something to eat with me, we are only going to a farm-to-fork restaurant. I won’t give up while celebrating Easter and my graduation, even if that means passing on my Grandma’s coconut cake and slew of delicious casseroles.

Here it goes. Let the challenge begin!


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